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Logo & Identity Design
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Graphic Design
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Digital Marketing
2013 – Present
Professional Services

Scope Media helps people connect with their audiences through personal networking, strategic communications, content creation and highly targeted digital marketing, so they can share their stories with the world.

We were engaged to create a unique and communication-led brand that would translate effectively over both print and digital. A bespoke design system and custom-developed site has also been created to showcase Scope Media’s impressive range of expertise and client portfolio.

We are pleased as punch continue to work alongside Scope Media developing design systems to effectively communicate why they are one of the region’s leading communication and PR companies.

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Digital document suite

For a company that revolves around words, it's natural that a lot of documents, presentations and proposals are shared with clients. Scope Media engaged us to unify their new brand across all outward-facing documents for a strong and consistent brand.

We used a strong grid system throughout all documents to keep a common structure and achieve a consistent aesthetic. Combining the palette of warm greys and striking coral that form part of the Scope Media brand system with bold typography, there's no mistaking that these are Scope document.

Content driven website

The distinct Scope colour palette and solid grid system follows through into their marketing website. We worked closely with the content specialists themselves to structure the site in a clever and easily consumed way while injecting the strong brand identity across each page.

A lovely balance between light and dark pages, with break-out sections to highlight key content allowed us to keep users engaged and exploring further.